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How I know Coach Julie Read: I first saw her in Jen Sinkler’s posts on Instagram. Jen’s personality is huge and she’s a superb role model in the fitness industry. I’m a firm believer that good people draw and attract fellow good people, so I knew Julie had to be equally cool. I stumbled across one of her muscle drawings that someone had reposted, and I poked around to see if she had completed other muscle drawings. She has a sizable collection online that you can purchase or download (see here: website) Her drawings are a far better way of learning muscle location and function–not kidding, just take a look for yourself. 🙂

Coach Julie Read is wicked smart when it comes to programming her clients and seeks out ways to elevate her coaching business. If you have a fitness or nutrition goal, she will personalize a program for you and help you understand the importance of trusting the process a coach lays out for you.

Do like I did and check out Coach Julie Read. I bet you’ll become a follower like me!

Let’s get into the questions!

Question #1: What got you into fitness and coaching others?

I’ve been in athletics for as long as I can remember—competing in gymnastics from a young age and moving into the throwing events on the Track & Field team. When I graduated college I discovered that I missed being a part of a team and wanted to fill that space. I let my friend convince me to try out CrossFit and the feeling of taking classes with others made me feel part of a team again. Simultaneously I’d been getting regular bodywork and my massage therapist said that becoming a manual therapist was the best thing she’d ever done. Two days later I was enrolled in massage therapy school. Before graduation I quit my full time job and pursued massage therapy and personal training full time.

Question #2: What is your favorite exercise to coach or teach to others?

I love coaching the squat—anything from the bodyweight squat to the back squat.

Question #3: What is the biggest fitness myth that you would like to dispel?

There are many ways to approach fitness and the only right way is the way that helps a client to reach their goals in a sustainable and safe way. Many people believe that there are good methods and bad methods and I think that’s a total myth. There are methods that are safer, methods that are faster, and methods that are sustainable, but results are dependent on the individual and the implementation. It’s also important to know that generally all three of those can’t co-exists; there’s a cost in choosing a method that’s fast and there’s a need for greater expectation setting for a method that is sustainable. Flexibility in programming, training, methodologies, and occasionally form can help clients more than rigidity.

Question #4: What is one nutrition tip you think women could use? 

Get more sleep. I know, I know…that sounds like it doesn’t have anything to do with nutrition. We often think of nutrition as what we put into our body, but rarely think about how our daily life affects what we eat. Getting enough sleep helps regulate the hormones that play a major role in how (and if) we’re able to change our body composition. And, if body composition isn’t a top priority, then we’re probably looking at nutrition purely as a health topic. In that case, sleep deprivation has greater long term effects than poor nutrition. With less sleep we have less of an ability to make good nutritional choices, too, and oftentimes find ourselves reaching for too-calorie dense foods.

Question #5:  Your past clients and current clients are all at a cocktail party. What do you hope is the common thing that they say or remember about you?

I hope that my clients remember that they are my top priority. I never want to add more stress to their lives and hope that working with me gives them some mental freedom when they enter the gym, like they are taken care of and don’t have to think about anything but good movement.

Where you can see Coach Julie Read in action:

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