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Here is a quick re-cap of previous posts last week: On day 1 I featured Coach Rhonda T, a woman I know from my Best of You coaching/mentorship group. On day 2 I featured Coach Fowler, who I’d been following on social media and got to meet at the Jill Coleman Fitness Business Retreat recently held in Asheville, NC. Day 3 featured Julie Read, also someone I’d been following on social media and finally got to meet at the same retreat (she is currently my coach). Day 4 featured Cori Lefkowith, a woman I found when researching pull up progressions and have since been a social media follower, a subscriber of her newsletters and a member of her Facebook groups. Today, day 5, I’d like to introduce you to Coach Lauren.

How I know Coach Lauren: I heard an interview featuring her and her husband Coach Jason on The FitCast Podcast and I loved all of the things the host, Kevin Larabee, was saying about the Pak’s: their strong community of members at their gym facility in Boston; the support networking they encourage among their gym members; and the coaching methodologies they employed to create a feeling of belonging and acceptance.

A quick peek of their social media will show smiles on their members faces that will tell you everything you need to know. As an example, I love how their Instagram posts features their members on a recurring basis demonstrating an exercise, participating in group workouts or giving each other high fives and/or hugs.

If I had dreams of opening a gym of my own one day, I’d start studying the business models of both Cori and Coach Lauren. The sense of inclusion and community they promote is simply awesome–they encourage *everyone* and leave no one behind.

And seriously…who wouldn’t love to have a shirt that says, “Peace, Love and Muscles”?!?

Quick funny story–over the summer, I attended the Perform Better Fitness Summit in Providence, RI. While coming out of my hotel one day, I saw the Pak’s entering the hotel. I totally fan-girled and wanted to say hello, but got shy and didn’t say anything. I regretted it later because I know they would have welcomed a chance to say ‘hi’ back (seriously, they really are nice people). Coach Lauren, upon hearing my story, has told me to make sure I say hi the next time I see them, and I absolutely will.

Sadly, this is the last of my five part series featuring women coaches I find inspirational, endearing and authentic. I hope you saw a common theme among these women: they are passionate about what they do; they are firm believers in empowering others; they demonstrate community and inclusion; and last but not least, they ensure their clients have fun every step of the way. Fitness and health don’t have to be painful, boring or dull. It can be confidence building, celebratory and life changing!

Give Coach Lauren and Achieve Fitness a follow. Her upbeat personality and dedication to others will brighten your day and I promise you’ll learn valuable fitness tips from her!

Let’s get into the questions!

Question #1: What got you into fitness and coaching others?

My husband (who was “just a friend” at the time) got a job at a local commercial gym and they told him they were looking to hire more female trainers. He knew I liked to workout and even though I was still studying journalism in college at the time, I thought it would be a fun part-time job. I had NO idea it would end up being the thing I’m most passionate about in life!As soon as I started training people I realized that I had the potential to guide them toward longer, healthier, more fulfilled lives. This was not something I took lightly and I committed to learning everything I could by attending seminars, certifications, etc. to make sure I had as many tools as possible in my toolbox.

What drives me to keep coaching and keep pushing forward in this industry is seeing how much more confidence people get when they realize they’re capable of so much more than they initially imagined.

Question #2: What is your favorite exercise to coach or teach to others?

My favorite thing to teach is probably kettlebells, so I’ll go with either the kettlebell swing or the Turkish Get Up. I love them because they take a lot of focus and concentration, and they both make people feel powerful and capable!

Question #3: What is the biggest fitness myth that you would like to dispel?

I think right now there is a lot of divisiveness in the fitness industry. There are a lot of trainers who bash other modalities that they don’t agree with, and I think it has made fitness a little bit more intimidating for folks who are just looking to move more and get healthier. They’re bombarded with conflicting opinions on what the best type of exercise is, so I think the myth I want to dispel is that there is one ultimate best type of workout or fitness routine. Different things work wonderfully for different people, and everyone should try a variety of modalities to see what they like the best and what makes them feel the best!

Question #4: What is one nutrition tip you think women could use? 

I think the best advice when it comes to nutrition is slowing down. I know a lot of women are incredibly busy, so they eat their meals VERY quickly and within the hour they can’t even remember if they ate or not! That was certainly the case for me for a long time. I had to practice slowing down my chewing and trying to stretch my meals out to last at least 20 minutes. Just doing that helped me so much with understanding portion control and how much food I actually needed!

Question #5:  Your past clients and current clients are all at a cocktail party. What do you hope is the common thing that they say or remember about you?

Great question!! I really hope that they would say I instilled a sense of confidence in them. I hope they all felt like I truly cared about them (because I do!) and that I brought a sense of joy to working out.

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