Introducing Cori Lefkowith

How I know Cori: Back in 2014 or even 2015, I was doing extensive research on pull ups (how to work up to one or more) and a few different posts by Cori popped up. I liked the information she presented and loved her thorough instruction.

I did some some poking around and found she posts a LOT of free stuff online. Seriously.  A TON of free things that anyone can use and get results from. Sit at a computer or desk too much and need sime stretches to undo that tightness? She’s got you covered. Looking to burn some fat before the holidays? Yep, she’s got you covered there, too. Want to up your running game by  developing more endurance or power? I think you know the answer here.

Cori ran a pull up challenge for anyone to join but she especially encouraged those who hadn’t gotten their first pull up yet to join her 30 day challenge. I joined. Of course. I think I managed to squeeze out two good ones and even won a prize at the end. Go me!!!

I thought, if she gives such amazing stuff away for free, what does her paid content look like?!? It’s fabulous and I know because I worked with her privately for a short time. I quit my gym because I built out a home gym and needed a program to keep me on track with what I had. Cori gave me exactly what I needed and some of what I wanted, which is what a good trainer does. 🙂

It’s evident her gym members and clients love her–Cori’s energy for healthful living is contagious and inspiring because she truly loves what she does (the proof is in her answers to my mini-interview questions below). Take a peek at her website and Facebook page. I’ll bet she has posted something you could use and implement right now.

Let’s get into the questions!

Question #1: What got you into fitness and coaching others?

I’d been an athlete my entire life…My mom told me that growing up tennis was more fun than Barbies so she got me out on the court early on. She fostered my love for activity.

That early love of sports led to me playing tennis at college. There I was lucky enough to have a trainer who inspired my love of lifting. I began learning and researching and even designing my own workouts. I would even force my sister to lift with me each summer when I came home.

After graduating, I thought I wanted to write about college athletes, but I quickly realized I wasn’t happy if I wasn’t working hands on with people to improve their strength and fitness. I wanted to help others find the empowerment through exercises and fitness that I’d found.

I began lifting with my boyfriend of the time…and now husband. He pushed me constantly to lift heavier and experiment with new workouts…He was part of the reason I competed in powerlifting. He always believed in me!…Which has now backfired on him as I force him to try new things and workout with me all the time (and he isn’t afraid or embarrassed when I beat him!).

After realizing I wanted to train people and work hands on, but also knowing I had no experience, I took a job working as a customer service rep at a corporate gym just so I could get started in the field…And well…that built till now!

Question #2: What is your favorite exercise to coach or teach to others?


So my favorite moves is the Deadlift. I love coaching this because of how awesome it feels to beast mode up a heavier weight than you did last time.

BUT I also love coaching the pull up as I think that move is so freaking empowering and something we can all do with some work. Plus there are just so many different things you can do to get people to feel the move and do it right. I like moves that can sometimes be complicated and that challenge you as a coach to get your pupil to learn!

I also love coaching glute activation exercises like the glute bridge because I think they are a must-do move that just about everyone needs because we all sit too much! I just love glute activation!

Question #3: What is the biggest fitness myth that you would like to dispel?


That dieting has to mean deprivation.

AND that getting results is about doing more and working out harder. Less is often truly more AND it really is about training smarter not harder. You can often get better results by spending less time in the gym. Everything you do just needs to be focused on your goals. And you need to think about the muscles that are working and NOT just go through the moves. Just because a move looks right, doesn’t mean you’re recruiting the right muscles!

Question #4: What is one nutrition tip you think women could use? 

EAT and stop depriving. Again it goes back to the fact that sometimes doing less, and making things simpler works better.

We think if we do more, like cut our calories lower or deprive ourselves of more foods…Or overcomplicated things and micromanage every detail, we will get better results.

But simplicity is key because it isn’t about perfection, it’s about consistency!

Question #5:  Your past clients and current clients are all at a cocktail party. What do you hope is the common thing that they say or remember about you?

She taught me to train smarter. I’d like to think I’m a teacher. I don’t want my clients to think I know something they don’t know. I want to share my knowledge so we all get better.

So if they felt they’d learned something from me and became more empowered…well hot damn I’d be happy!

Bonus Round: What’s been the toughest situation a client brought to you and how did you overcome it? 

There have actually been a few situations that come to mind…But the hardest thing I’ve had to learn as a coach is that you can’t want it for someone.

Often I feel like I want my clients to reach their goals even more than they do. But I realized at some points, you have to step back and even say “I can’t want it for you. I can give you the tools and guide you, but you need to find the reason WHY this matters to you if you want results.”

And sometimes that discussion means even knowing when you aren’t the right person to get them there and trying to help them find the person that is!

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