Introducing Coach (Stephanie) Fowler!

How I know Coach Fowler: I first saw her at the Girls Gone Strong Women’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City, MO in August of 2016. She was hanging out with Jen Sinkler and Jen is a really, really fun person and highly regarded. Good people tend to draw fellow good people, so I knew Coach Fowler had to be someone to start “stalking” on social media. 🙂

I quickly realized I can identify with so much of what she posts about: coffee; brunch; lifting weights; living a good life and having great friends. She is inclusive of all women and recently a post of hers made me admire her “leave no woman behind” mentality. Check this out: 

It was the update she included in her post that made me feel the compassion she shows to others: “Update: I have passed a message along to the additional student that she is welcome to join my current student at @empowerhousegym for her practicum. #safespace” 

If I’m ever in Oklahoma City I absolutely will find a way to do her Bootcamp to Brunch workouts because let me tell you, I wish my workouts led to brunch all the time!

Be sure to follow Coach Fowler. She keeps it real, she’s candid about her struggles with obesity as a teenager, and she’s got a great message about self acceptance.

Let’s get into the questions!

Question #1: What got you into fitness and coaching others?

I started coaching while I was at the peak of my own fitness performance.I was already a high school teacher and softball coach, but the lead trainer where I worked out approached me about training part time. That’s how it all started!

Question #2: What is your favorite exercise to coach or teach to others?

Honestly, my clients would probably tell you that I love coaching the push-up. It’s so important to me that my clients progressively get stronger with correct form, and the push-up (a simple move, but challenging if done correctly) is one of the exercises that a TON of people get wrong.

Question #3: What is the biggest fitness myth that you would like to dispel?

“Lifting weights makes you bulky.” NOOOOO. Lift heavy and lift often!

Question #4: What is one nutrition tip you think women could use? 

I would love to encourage women to consume more protein. Not only does it help keep us satisfied, it’s also the major component that helps repair our muscle tissue after workout (I.e. helps with recovery!)

Question #5:  Your past clients and current clients are all at a cocktail party. What do you hope is the common thing that they say or remember about you?

I hope they’re agreeing that I would tell them to enjoy the hors ’derves and cocktails guilt free, all the while strutting confidently around the room in whatever they choose to wear. 

Bonus Round: What’s been the toughest situation a client brought to you and how did you overcome it? 

A tough situation I have faced with a client is when they decided to leave my location for a location that promises weight loss with a strict eating regimen. I truly always wish for future success when and if a client chooses to leave, but I struggle when they choose the sexy “fast fix” versus honing in on the slow, consistent process of lifting heavy weights and dialing in on moderate nutrition. I have ultimately accepted that everybody has different goals, and if their goals don’t align with what I offer, then I wholeheartedly wish them success in their future journey.

Where you can see Coach Fowler in action:

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