About Empowered Movement

My name is Michele Douglas. I’ve maintained some form of fitness for the last 20 years as a requirement for my federal career. In the last 10 years, I’ve focused more on strength training, but recently I’ve become more interested in nutrition, mobility and overall functional fitness. I’m a nationally certified personal trainer through NASM; a nationally certified fitness nutrition specialist through NASM; a certified law enforcement fitness program coordinator; and I am currently working on my Level 1 coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. Through the years, I have struggled with motivation and consistency, which are things we all deal with, but I have developed strategies and a certain mindset to help me recognize those times when I may be veering off of my path of wellness. I’ve learned to keep things simple, do something rather than nothing, and commit to one change at a time.

With EmpoweredMovement, you can develop functional fitness that will serve you well in everyday life. Learn how to perform movements effectively and safely. I structure workouts and nutrition habits to get maximum results with the minimal amount of complications, rules or steps.

Founder & Head Trainer